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8 calls
Called my cell phone which is illegal in my state for a company to place soliciting calls to without written permission from the...
They are debt-collecting for arrears of SABC TV licenses. Between them and the SABC, their record-keeping is atrocious. The SABC ...
It's a scam when a so called company calls when you're on the do not call list & have never had business with the...
I went to know the location of the number
+248775524477 called my cell phone. Who are these people?
health insurance market place
Crap calls about made-up debts.
Caller didn't leave message but complaints on another web all state caller is from India & he try telling you he's...
Called my cell phone. I do not give my cell phone number out to no one nor businesses. Any call I get like this is just a scam. It...
I had received 2 phone calls from the & they told me they was from the Federal College Debt Reinbursement program
That's my idiot moms phone number
Hi how are you today. My name is jayna.
Got an auto-generated fake-IRS scam message from here.
a qui se numero
Have been receiving calls from this number as well. Haven't bothered to answer it, and they haven't left any message....
There isn't anything to report. Just looking for who belongs to to.
This number is simply someone who dialed the wrong number. They don't speak English and are probably dumb as hell. I suggest...

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received many calls for flight bookings
An unsolicited call was made to my cell phone by a flaming homosexual male!
Calls sometimes three or four times in an hour. Had number blocked. Continues calling with a single digit changed in number. Will...
Keep calling 3 to 5 times a day. Never leave a message. I am on do not call list. Why? What does the government do.
Report this number to the attorney general of your state .
They call us 3 times aday. American veterans want more...
wanted to leave message. just left number, wouldn't give name
Paramount Eqty shows up on caller ID - hangs up when answered
Annoying call and text msg
Znaps Kickstarter Scam?
This number is affiliated with Google Gmail "Free" Calling. So for example, I am sitting at home using my computer,...
Received a call from this number at 11:09 on 7/11/16. No message was left.
This number and 9110-375-5135 keep calling,. No message given. Sick of these call. Several times a day
She said her name was Tina and my neighbor. She wanted sex... to good to be true. Hung up and then called the number back. No...
Democratic party trying to money for Hillary ...she took enough in the Blood Gate and Suhdi Arabia
An oriental guy answered frp, some computer technicians company. Marketing call for sure !!
Emerson hospital billing, seemed to be legitimate. I asked her to clarify what the appointment was that I owed money for and she...
From CRA - Dept# 1-613-777-0656-very serious legal matter.If i don't return the call, i'll face a legal consequences ...